Royal Marines Musician

Royal Marines Musician United Kingdom

Royal Navy
Full Time United Kingdom 15900 GBP ANNUAL Today
Job description

The role at a glance

weeks' paid leave every year


Potential earnings as your career progresses


Medical and dental care


Earn more than this amount during music training


All around the world


qualifications needed

What you’ll do

As a musician in the world-famous Royal Marines Band Service you’ll be part of the world’s most versatile military music organisation.

Employed all over the world you’ll find yourself performing at National and International events, major sporting fixtures and in prestigious concert venues, as well as undertaking operational roles alongside the rest of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

No two days are ever the same, but why would you want them to be?

You will be the public face of the Royal Navy, so do what you love and join us on the world stage!IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, TALK TO US

CALL US 0345 600 1444
Your role
Spend time at the Royal Marines School of Music (RMSoM), learning your craft and mastering the full range of musical styles that make up our repertoire.
Share the stage with the team of like-minded, talented musicians across a wide variety of styles; from string quartets and jazz ensembles to marching bands and full symphonic wind bands.
Make a vital contribution to our nation’s defence diplomacy strategy performing at military, ceremonial and social events on the world’s biggest stages.
Play an important role in the Royal Marines Band Service’s vital medical and logistical function, supporting the Royal Navy and 3 Commando Brigade all over the world.

What you’ll get
Skills for life
Skills you'll develop
The ability to perform in a team or as an individual, in a variety of musical combinations
Perform a wide range of musical styles; from Pop to Classical
An eye for detail in both your musical performance and personal uniform and kit
A flexible and adaptable mindset
Pride in yourself and the service

Qualifications you'll gain
Opportunity to gain civilian qualification such as ABRSM grades/Diplomas
DAO Level 3 Diploma in Military Music
Professional examinations at key career landmarks often accredited or recognised by civilian industry
The opportunity to study Bachelor of Music degree (fully-funded)

Pay and benefits
Salary of more than £15,900 as soon as you start Initial Military Training
Earn over £20,000 on completion of military training, potentially rising to over £87,700 as your career progresses
Professional training at the world-class RMSoM
7 weeks of paid holiday every year
Free medical and dental care
Subsidised travel and accommodation
Excellent pension scheme
Adventurous training

Career progression

Start basic training


Continue to study for Musician Class 3 qualification


Pass Musician Class 2 to become Lance Corporal and Corporal’s Leadership and Development Course (CLDC) to become Band Corporal


Pass Musician Class 1 and Sergeant’s Leadership and Development Course (SLDC) to become Band Sergeant with progression to Band Colour Sergeant


Pass the Bandmaster’s Course and Warrant Officer’s Leadership and Development Course (WLDC) to become a Warrant Officer Bandmaster


Commission on selection to become an Officer in the RMBS

What you'll need
Aged 16 to 32 when you start Basic Training
No qualifications are required for this role
You ideally need to be able to read music, and sing or play a brass, wind, string, piano or percussion instrument to a good standard (ABRSM Grade 5 as a minimum, Grade 7 for pianists)
A National of the United Kingdom, a Commonwealth Citizen or Dual National
Minimum height of 145cm
A BMI between 18 and 28 (17 and 27 if under 18)
Be a competent swimmer
Skills and interests
Playing a musical instrument
Performing in public
Working as part of a team
A real sense of adventure

Starting your career
Joining process
Initial training
Professional training

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, the joining process is as follows:

Submit an application

Once you’ve registered your interest and have satisfied the basic eligibility criteria, you will be sent an online application form

Defence Aptitude Assessment (DAA)

You’ll be tested on: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Processing Speed, Electrical Comprehension and Mechanical Comprehension


A formal interview to talk through your suitability for the role

Medical and eye tests

These are quite comprehensive and must be completed by one of our Ministry of Defence-approved doctors

Audition and Test

The audition process includes being evaluated by world-class civilian Professors, interviewed by the Director of Music (Training) and assessed for your level of physical fitness. Post-audition you may be given the opportunity to learn a new instrument.



Royal Marines Musician
Royal Navy
Holywood, United Kingdom
Sir Jonathon Band
$5 to $25 million (USD)
5001 to 10000 Employees
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