Chaplain Reserve

Chaplain Reserve United Kingdom

Royal Navy
Full Time United Kingdom 10.56 - 12.04 GBP Today
Job description

At a glance

Test yourself in a different environment


Pay if mobilised

One year

You can apply after you've been ordained for one year


Membership of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme


Annual bounty for training commitment


All around the world

What you’ll do

The Royal Navy offers a world of unparalleled opportunities for its reservists. And this means the type of spiritual guidance and support they need is equally unique. The friendship and advice you’ll need to offer as a Reserve Chaplain will be unlike anything you’ve done in your civilian career. You’ll work in a multi-faith environment, one that can include challenging situations, and the need to guide reservists as well as their families when they’re deployed. You’ll be there for whoever needs you to be. You’ll serve the people who serve the nation.

Navy Chaplain

I’ve been able to help and support Reservists and their families, particularly those who’ve been away on deployed service abroad. It’s given me the opportunity to reach out to a completely different congregation and meet so many new people who dedicate their time to their country.


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Your role
Act as chaplain to a unique, and very varied congregation. The spiritual and emotional support you provide will be vital to the wellbeing of personnel of all ranks and roles.
Work in a multi-faith environment, providing advice and guidance that is very different to that needed in the civilian world.

Develop a wide range of new skills through military training, including firefighting and first aid. You’ll need to apply these skills in operational environments, as well as on exercises.

Travel the world, giving crucial guidance to serving personnel and their families. The work you do when mobilised will be vital to protecting our nations interests.

What you’ll get
Skills for life
Qualifications you'll gain
The opportunity to attend Staff College
The opportunity to study for a PGCE or Masters degree.
Skills you'll develop
Communication skills working with Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel, who may have no church background
Gain experience working with young people
Learn Resource Planning
Develop your team management skills
Work in a multi-national environment

Pay and benefits
Daily rates of pay equivalent to those of full-time personnel
Broad range of developmental courses available inside and outside the Naval Service
Receive extra pay if you are mobilised
Annual tax-free bounty subject to meeting the minimum training commitment
Paid leave in proportion to the number of training days attended
Automatic membership of the non-contributory Armed Forces Pension Scheme
Expenses and allowances when undergoing training
Access to sports and fitness facilities

Career progression

As a naval Chaplain, you’re said to share the rank of the person you‘re talking to. So you’ll have the freedom to talk to anyone and everyone from Able Rate or Marine to Admiral or General, on an equal, informal and confidential basis. However, there is a structure for appointments, giving you opportunities to develop your skills and ministry.

What you'll need

You must be aged between 26 and 53 when you start training
Be a clergy member of one of the following churches: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Church of Scotland, Congregational, Presbyterian, Baptist, United Reformed, Assemblies of God, Elim Pentecostal, Methodist or Churches in Communities International
A theological degree or an equivalent recognised qualification
At least 1 year of proven pastoral experience and with at least 3 years by the time you have completed your Royal Navy Reserve training
A British/British Dual National who has lived in the UK continuously for the 5 years prior to applying
Pass the Naval Swimming Test

Skills and interests
Understanding of the diverse rigours of Naval life
Ability to work individually, without always having the structure and support of your church
Physically and mentally fit for the challenge
Ability to work as part of an ecumenical branch, alongside female clergy

Starting your career
Joining process
Initial training
Contact the Naval Chaplaincy Service (NCS) Recruiter

Your first step is to make contact with our Naval Chaplaincy Service Recruiter who will be able to to start your application process. Please call 023 9262 5552 or email [email protected]

Apply Online

You will be invited to visit your local AFCO to develop your application


Your application and seek approval from your Sending Church


You will be invited to attend an interview with the Chaplain of the Fleet

Admiralty Interview Board (AIB)

This stage is unique to officers and takes place in two parts. A Pre Recorded Interview (PRI) is an online assessment which assesses your motivation to to become a Royal Navy Chaplain and your awareness of the Royal Navy. The Group Planning Exercise (GPE) is the second stage of the AIB and is an online competency based assessment which will take place on a separate day to the PRI. It will be conducted in a virtual group environment and you will be assessed on your contribution to the team based on your individual performance


You will be invited to attend a 3-day fully-paid acquaint course in Portsmouth


You can discuss this with the Chaplaincy recruiter on [email protected] or phone on 023 9262 5552

Chaplain Reserve
Royal Navy
Holywood, United Kingdom
Sir Jonathon Band
$5 to $25 million (USD)
5001 to 10000 Employees
National Services & Agencies

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