Chaplain United Kingdom

Royal Navy
Full Time United Kingdom 50500 GBP ANNUAL Today
Job description

At a glance

Minister in an ecumenical and multi-faith environment

6 weeks

Of paid holiday every year

1 year

You can apply after you've been ordained for 1 year


Medical and dental care


Membership of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme


Supporting personnel deployed around the world

What you’ll do

The Chaplain is a vital member of any naval or commando unit, with a unique congregation. The team of 30,000 men and women who make up the Naval Service come from all walks of life. They do extraordinary jobs in extraordinary circumstances, all over the world, 365 days a year. It means your congregation – and crewmates – need a unique type of support. We welcome people who practise all faiths (including those with none), so you’ll need to be a friend, adviser and spiritual guide to them all in a multi-faith environment. You’ll be there for whoever needs you to be. You’ll serve the people who serve our nation. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, TALK TO US

CALL US 0345 607 55 55
Your role
Just as in civilian life, you’ll preach the word, administer the sacraments, visit the sick, baptise, confirm, marry, bury, and counsel the bereaved, anxious and lost.
With no rank of your own, you share that of the person you’re talking with, from Rear Admiral to the most junior rating.
Develop a wide range of new skills through military training, including firefighting and first aid. You’ll need to apply these skills in operational environments, as well as on exercises.
Travel the world, giving crucial guidance to serving personnel and their families. The work you do when mobilised will make a vital contribution to protecting our nations interests.

What you’ll get
Skills for life
Qualifications you'll gain
The opportunity to study for a PGCE or Masters degree

The opportunity to attend Staff College
Skills you'll develop
Communication skills working with Navy personnel, who may have no church background
Gain experience working with young people

Pay and benefits
Initial earnings of £50,500
6 weeks of paid holiday every year
Extra allowances for days spent at sea
Free medical and dental care
Membership of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme
Travel all over the world

What you'll need
Aged 26 to 48
Be an ordained minister of one of the following churches: Anglican, Assemblies of God, Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church of Scotland, Churches in Communities International, Congregational Church, Elim Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian Church of Ireland, Roman Catholic, or the United Reformed Church
Or be an authorised and qualified religious leader from the Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or Sikh Faith Communities
A theological degree or an equivalent recognised qualification
3 years of proven pastoral experience
To be employed by a faith community at the point of application
A National of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth citizen or Dual National who has lived in the UK for 5 years prior to applying
Able to pass the Royal Naval Fitness Test (RNFT)
Pass the Naval Swimming Test
Hold a full and valid UK Driving Licence

Skills and Interests

Understanding of the diverse rigours of Naval life
Ability to work individually, without the structure and direct support of your faith community
Physically and mentally fit for the challenge
Ability to work as part of a theologically diverse, ecumenical and multi-faith team

Starting your career
Joining process
Initial training
Submit an application

Starting your career: Register your interest by contacting the Naval Chaplaincy Recruiter on 02392 547185, Mob 07811 991822.

Acquaint visit

This experience will give you a taste of Naval Service and what it means to be a Naval Chaplain. This can be arranged by the Chaplain Recruiter at the number above.

You will require approval from Church's endorsing
Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) For Chaplains

This stage is unique to officers and takes place in two parts. A Pre Recorded Interview (PRI) is an online assessment which assesses your motivation to to become a Royal Navy Chaplain and your awareness of the Royal Navy. The Group Planning Exercise (GPE) is the second stage of the AIB and is an online competency based assessment which will take place on a separate day to the PRI. It will be conducted in a virtual group environment and you will be assessed on your contribution to the team based on your individual performance

Royal Navy
Holywood, United Kingdom
Sir Jonathon Band
$5 to $25 million (USD)
5001 to 10000 Employees
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